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Ebro is one of the leading producers of battery-powered handheld measuring instruments, data loggers and controllers for the measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity, PH-value, voltage and current.

Their measuring systems are FDA approved (according to Directives CFR 21, Part 11) for the food, medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industry as well as the ATP for the transport industry.

Ebro products are used in blood banks, incubators, autoclaves and decontamination automats to monitor temperature. Ebro measuring instruments are also in use in museums, nurseries, transportation companies, climate/refrigeration technology and in the automobile industry.

Ebro measuring instruments are approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and have been tested for reliability and resistance to tampering through TÜV. PTB-approved, calibrated handheld measuring instruments complete the picture.

* Precision thermometers
* Food Safety test kits
* Frying oil monitors
* Humidity, vacuum & temperature dataloggers
* Portable digital refractometers
* Evaluation software

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 Thermometer for Thermocouples 
 Mini Data Loggers 
 Precision Data Loggers 
 Standard Data Loggers 
 Wireless Data Logger System 
 USB Data Logger Series 
 Easy to use, free software 
 High Precision Wireless Data Loggers 
 Professional software 
 Food Oil Quality Monitor 
 Folding Thermometer 
 Infrared Dual Thermometer 
 pH Meter 
 Salt Meter 
 Standard software