High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

Inspection and Quality Control Systems

Custom Sales and Systems packaging equipment provides the best option for ensuring your packaging processes are perfect. We want to help you optimize your company’s productivity in the production and delivery of your goods.

Identify defects before your products are shipped to your buyer by using our automated inspection devices! Our products will find the defect in the production line and allow you to correct the process before it’s too late to reduce waste in your production line.

Choose our systems so you can provide faultlessly packaged products to all your customers and earn the trust that drives their business right back to your pockets!

BBULL Technology. Global leader in the manufacture of online inspection and rejection systems for the food and beverage industry. Detects faults in containers, caps, fill-level, and other contaminates in bottles, jars, cases and other packages. BBULL is a pioneer in X-Ray fill-level equipment and provides the most effective Camera Inspection Technology in the industry.

TapTone Systems are top of the line inspectors detecting micro leaks, defects in sealing or capping in glass and plastic containers as well as cans or pasteurized tubes for the beverage, industrial and food industry. It’s new Universal controller allows an easy monitoring of more than seven inspections to ensure product quality, most of the time, in no need of physical contact.

Unisensor offers innovative and patented solutions for the analysis of gases, liquids and solids for the beverage and food industry, energy generation, wine and liquors. With its system AQUASCREEN, it detects contaminants in returnable jugs with a speed up to 4,000 jugs/hr, helping bottling plants to establish better cleaning processes and to meet the quality standards expected in purified water.

Anritsu Industrial Solutions is an International Leader of state of the art technology in Weight Verifiers, Metal Detectors and X-Ray Inspectors for contaminants detection. Its highly recognized systems can be used in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Ebro, The electronic measuring instrument specialists in the production of high-accuracy, portable measuring instruments for temperature, pressure, humidity, pH-value, oil, salt and all other physical values. Robust design with and high storage capability to validate pasteurization processes, sterilization or quality control in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemistry and industrial.