High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

EBI 10
High Precision Wireless Data Loggers

To fit each of your specific processes, ebro offers a wide variety of EBI 10 temperature, pressure and humidity data loggers in many different configurations. For example you have the choice of internal sensors, rigid and bendable metal probes, fully flexible cable probes, Luer-lock or tube connection.

The user can follow the validation process in real time on his PC screen and can stop a faulty process immediately, if necessary, saving much time and effort during process monitoring or validation.

The wireless real time monitoring of hot processes up to +400 °C is suitable for many medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and industrial applications:

* Wireless validation ofsterilizers, washer-disinfectors and washer-disinfectors for endoscopes
* F-value and A0 -value calculation
* Process monitoring