High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

Packaging Equipment

Custom Sales and Systems packaging equipment provides the best option for ensuring your packaging process is perfect. We want you to optimize your company’s productivity in the production and delivery of your goods.

One fault in packaging could cost you thousands of dollars in business! With these top of the line packaging equipment solutions, you will be at peace knowing they will provide you with exceptional packaging. Our specialized packaging equipment will guarantee the best shelf-image for the products and increase your product sales.

Choose our systems so you can provide faultlessly packaged products to all your customers and earn the trust that drives their business right back to your pockets.

Vacuum Barrier designs, engineers, fabricates and tests liquid nitrogen handling systems for various applications that include; food and beverage, semiconductor and pharmaceutical and biotech. Vacuum Barrier’s NITRODOSE® Liquid Nitrogen Injection systems provide the most precise liquid nitrogen dosing to add strength to non-carbonated beverages for light–weight packaging and displace oxygen to extend shelf life

SleeveTec manufactures automatic labelers, heat tunnels and thermo shrink systems since 1962. With its top of the line Engineering and the highest quality in the design of equipments and labels, it satisfies the brand and technical requirements of the most demanding customers. Sleeve Tec’s Competitive

Since 1980 the company Mesal from Brazil has been working on the domestic and foreign markets as a leader in the bottle filling plants, gaining the confidence of the most qualified and demanding customers. This is a growing success due to the Mesal global quality strategy and its continuous commitment in technological innovations and customer’s services. The constant innovations and its quality focus process, make Mesal bottle filling plants the perfect examples of efficiency and reliability. Mesal has a solution for your PET, Glass or PP containers.

Tri-Tronics Company, Inc. designs and manufactures Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Optic Light Guides and Controls for a wide variety of industrial applications. Included are sensors for use in the opposed, retro reflective, proximity and convergent modes. The product line includes registration mark/color perception sensors, miniature models, DC and AC sensors, fiber optic light guides, controls and complete systems.

Air Sentry Systems is an intelligent controller for a better and improved use of water and compressed air in processes like air drying or liquid spraying allowing to close the air or water flow when there’s no movement in the line of products, drastically decreasing its consumption in the beverage, industrial and food industries.