High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems
TRI-TRONICS COMPANY, Inc. was formed in 1954 as an engineering oriented firm specifically devoted to the design and manufacture of high quality Photoelectric Sensors and Controls. Over the years the company has earned a reputation as a leading innovator in photoelectric technology by developing and patenting a number of revolutionary products.
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 Intense IR Light Source / Receiver Models   
 Professional Series of Photoelectric Sensors   
 Registration Mark Sensors   
 High Performance Sensor, Featuring Our Exclusive "Enhanced Dynamic Range"   
 Optical Blocks   
 Rechargeable Power Supply for Photoelectric Sensors   
 Optic Light Guide   
 For All Powered D.C. Sensors   
 Automatic Self-Adjusting Sensor Featuring    
 Miniature Push-Button Photoelectric Sensor 
 Photoelectric Vision Sensor / Processor   
 Low Cost, High Performance, Miniature Sensors   
 Miniature Sensors   
 Miniature High-Speed - Low Cost Sensors   
 AC / DC Photoelectric Sensors   
 Light Guides   
 D.C. Power Supply Control Modules   
 Multi-Function Programmable Control Modules   
 Product Inspection Control Modules    
 Mounting Brackets