Liquid Nitrogen and CO2

Custom Sales and Systems Liquid Nitrogen and CO2 technologies provide the best option for ensuring your packaging process and your products meet the industry quality guidelines. We can help you to optimize your company’s productivity without wasting resources.

One fault in the quality of your LN2 and CO2 process could cost you thousands of dollars in loss of product and damage your brand! With these top of the line solutions you will be at peace.


Vacuum Barrier designs, engineers, fabricates and tests liquid nitrogen handling systems for various applications that include; food and beverage, semiconductor and pharmaceutical and biotech. Vacuum Barrier’s NITRODOSE® Liquid Nitrogen Injection systems provide the most precise liquid nitrogen dosing to add strength to non-carbonated beverages for light–weight packaging and displace oxygen to extend shelf life.

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Sure Purity

Sure Purity Ltd. has developed a high-tech alternative to filtering and polishing CO2 gas used in the food and beverage industry. Your systems Carboguard filtration are manufactured in the UK with the most advanced technology, high quality of manufacture, effectiveness in its operation and long life to comply with ISBT guidelines and with the most demanding standards of the world brands of beverages. With the CARBOGUARD only change the filters every 12 months!!

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