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    Established first office
    Custom Sales & Systems, Inc

    Custom Sales & Systems, Inc. started operations in 1987 and established its first offices in Oldmar, Florida – USA to offer the latest technology in inspection and packing to customers in Mexico and Latin America.

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    We begin presence in México
    Custom Sales & Systems, Inc

    In 1993 we opened our offices in Toluca, Mexico to increase our presence in the local market, providing our customers with more convenient ways to grow their businesses by offering our technologies and products from the leading European and North American manufacturers.

    Based on the local demand from our customers, our partner company COSESI, SA de C.V. was born to supply spare parts and technical support, perform installations and preventive maintenance, and provide training to our customers in Spanish.

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    CSS Perú
    Custom Sales & Systems, Inc

    The constant growth of our customers encouraged us to open our offices in Lima, Peru in 2017 to offer our technologies, supply spare parts locally, and serve the countries located in western South America.

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    CSS Brasil
    Custom Sales & Systems, Inc

    Despite the challenges presented to us by the Covid-19 pandemic, we redoubled our efforts and at the beginning of 2022 we began operations in Brazil, with offices in Sao Paulo.

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    CSS Colombia
    Custom Sales & Systems, Inc

    Colombia is a country of great growth and reference for the northern region of South America and Central America, so we decided to open our offices in October 2023 to supply our technologies, spare parts and technical support locally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide industry leading, cost-effective and reliable solutions that satisfy the requirements of automatic inspection and packaging and improve the quality of our customer’s packaging processes and products. These solutions represent the CSS commitment of delivering the best technology option according to the application requirements and budgets needs of our customers.

We commit to providing our customers with:

  • Top of the line, industry leading products
  • Cost-effective reliable solutions
  • 24/7 sales and technical support by highly trained professional engineers
  • Technical training
  • Reliable spare parts supply

ALWAYS keeping in mind that the most valuable asset of our company is the people.

Our Vision

Our vision will allow our continuous improvement and growth in compliance with the quality requirements of our customers and will allow us to not only fulfill customer requirements but to exceed their expectations:

  • Being up to date with efficient and effective solutions in each production line of the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries of Mexico and Latin America.
  • Being recognized as industry leaders by the high quality of our products.
  • Having the ability to react faster than our customer’s requirements and needs.

Our Policy

Growth based on Trust, Loyalty and Honesty

CSS would like to give thanks to our current employees as well as past employees who have provided our customers with excellent service and care for over 34 years. We have built an empire that exceeds expectations and through our dedication to the business have created a name for ourselves as a top of the line, industry leading company that provides our customers with the comfort of reliability, loyalty, and honesty. We rely on our employees and customers every day to help us in our journey together as we fulfill our policy of always moving forward.


Our Team • Our Community • Our Environment

Our world has evolved in a very complex way, which forces us to recognize the importance of Human Resources, Natural and Social environment to balance the accelerated globalized growth that surrounds us.

In CSS we have a great commitment to the preservation of what at one time we thought would be infinite but it is not, so we join the efforts of many of our customers implementing policies and methodologies in search of:

  • Give back to nature something of how much it has given us by promoting the care of natural resources and implementing recycling inside and outside the workplace.
  • Recognize the efforts of each person who is part of our organization and who contributes with their professionalism, creativity and knowledge.
  • Encourage social awareness so that the change that our world needs so much comes from within our organizations and impacts our families and communities.

Providing Professionals with Industry Leading Products and Services Worldwide for Over 37 Years.

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