Unisensor is an innovative enterprise in the area of the process analysis of gases, liquids and solids. They focus on the beverage industry, graphic arts industry, energy engineering wine and liquor production. They offer singular, world-wide patented technical solutions and products, which set new standards in process technique. Their technology is based on the areas of optoelectronics, sensor system technology, spectrographic analysis, digital signal processors, microelectronics, microstructure technology and software engineering.

The Unisensor AQUASCREEN enables contaminant detection for refillable gallon containers and thus rules out the cleansing and refill of contaminated containers. Consequently, AQUASCREEN offers the possibility to comprehensively analyze refillable water containers in accordance with the requirements of state-of-the-art quality assurance processes. A most efficient sample-taking system guarantees top-level sensitivity even for high analysis rates of up to 4,000 containers/hour. The detection limit for contaminants ranges in the lower ppm area. Therefore, even the tiniest traces of contaminants can be identified.

Aquascreen Contaminant Detector for 20 Liter (5 gallons) Returnable Plastic Bottles

Aquascreen Sampling Head

Unispectre. Contaminant Detector for Returnable PET Bottles

Carboscan. Online CO2 Contaminant Detector

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AquaScreen Sniffer technology for returnable 20 liter water bottles
UNISPECTRE 400 - 500 Highly efficient REF-PET Sniffer System to detect Foreign Substances and Contaminants
CarboScan 150 CO2 Purity On-line monitoring and Quality Control for Bottlers
CarboScan 300 CO2 Purity On-Line monitoring and Quality Control for Bottlers and Gas Suppliers

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