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Compact Line-X
Fill Level Inspection System

Presenting the Procon Compact line, especially designed for fill level inspection of production lines that do not exceed 120,000 containers per hour. Using X-Ray technology for inspection, the Procon Compact line eliminates many governmental restrictions associated with traditional Gamma Inspection systems (permanent radiation source). The function of the Procon Compact line is focused on only the most important inspection tasks, making it a most cost effective device. A single housing containing the control unit and inspection bridge is installed at the conveyor after the filler, pasteurizer or labeler. The most important production data from the filling area is recorded statistically and is retrievable by LCD display. The system is easily operated by 4 push buttons and adaptation of container height is accomplished by a simple hand adjustment of the height spindle. The full package price includes the fill level unit and a pneumatic rejection system to reject faulty containers from the production line. In addition, the inspection bridge can also be adapted for missing and tilt cap or label inspection. The Procon Compact line is easily adaptable to any container or product and puts the accuracy and reliability of X-ray technology at your fingertips, without the use of a permanent radiation source.

Main Features:

  • Inspection bridge and control unit built in one single housing
  • Fill level inspection (underfill) and pneumatic rejection unit included in the package price
  • Fill level inspection with x-ray-technology as opposed to using a radioactive source
  • No problems with radioactive waste disposal
  • No transportation restrictions
  • High accuracy of measurement, even with foaming products
  • Simple 4-button-operating
  • Counter for both total number of bottles/cans inspected and / or rejected
  • Big alpha-numerical LCD-display
  • Missing cap inspection facility is built in to the inspection bridge
  • 2 general shift registers for additional inspections (label inspection, tilted cap inspection)
  • Machine stop in case of sequential faults
  • Operating data acquisition (option)
  • Up to 4 different languages (changeable)
  • Up to 16 different bottle types, changeable by switch
  • Height adjustment spindle
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Low space requirements

  • NEW!!!