High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

Brush Off
Rejection and Distribution System for Bottles and Cans

With a growing consciousness in quality, the demand for automation of the filling line is continually increasing. Therefore, the requirements of the market must be met while keeping costs down. The growing consciousness in quality means that the cutomers’ requirements of inspection equipment have changed. As well as the simple fault detection, the biggest challenge for inspection technology is the rejection of the faulty container.

With Brush Off Bull offers a rejection and distribution system that fulfills these requirements, providing progress in quality assurance and improvements in productivity within the packaging industry.

Most Important Features:

  • Guaranteed standing rejection and distribution af glass bottles, cans and other packages
  • Automatic adaption to various conveyor speeds
  • Exact regulation of displacement power
  • Defined distance of displacement independent of the fill level of the container
  • Reliable rejection and distributon with a transportation of the containers - even when transported without a gap
  • Extremly wear-resistant
  • High stability of performance
  • Integrated self-diagnosis
  • Teach In procedure for signal interface

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