High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

PIC Series
Product Inspection Control Modules

PIC Series Programmable Controls were designed to meet the demand for an easy-to-install and easy -to-use control for product sortation and inspection systems. PIC Controls are used with a minimum of two DC-powered sensors. The "product sensor" is used to detect the arrival of the product, and the "inspection sensor" is used to identify or inspect the product for the critical identifying feature, e.g., variations in color, pattern, position, orientation, size, opacity, or surface reflectivity. PIC Controls supply 24 VDC power to both the product and inspection sensors. The controls accepts inputs from NPN open collector transistor outputs of the remote sensors. Each input is opto-isolated to prevent problems with electrical noise or interference. The status of each input can be easily monitored via LED indicators located on the top of the control.