High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

Multi-Function Programmable Control Modules

MULTI-MATE Control Modules provide users with the flexibility to program up to 25 functions. These unique controls are the perfect match for use with DC-powered sensors. They combine the simplicity of plug-in controls with the versatility of programming a wide variety of functions.

MULTI-MATEs are available in either single or dual function models. All models provide a heavy-duty AC solid state output switch (TRIAC) as well as an output from an NPN open collector transistor. The controls also provide 24 VDC power for the remote sensor. The input to the control can be from an open collector transistor or a switch.

Event functions, timing ranges, and operating sequence are easily programmed using 8-position mini-dip switches, which are conveniently accessible through ports located on the front of the control.