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SEPS Series
D.C. Power Supply Control Modules

SEPS Series plug-in modules offer a convenient means of converting 120 VAC or 240 VAC power into 24 VDC unregulated power for use with TRI-TRONICS DC-powered sensors.

The Oringinal SEPS module was designed to supply only DC power to the sensors. New SEPS modules are available with the capability to convert NPN open collector transistor outputs from the sensor into conventional hard relay contact outputs or into solid state AC TRIAC outputs... in addition to supplying DC power. Models are also available with either one or two relays, or one or two TRIACs.

All inputs of the SEPS relay devices can be addressed by the outputs of independent sensors. These inputs can also be paralleled to accept the output of a single sensor to drive loads in unrelated circuits.

Feeding the complementary outputs of a remote sensor into the two separate inputs of the SEPS-5 dual output module emulates the action of a single-pole/double-throw solid state relay.