High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

SMARTEYE® High Intensity
Intense IR Light Source / Receiver Models

SMARTEYE Light Sources and Receivers were specifically designed to perform beam break or thru-beam sensing tasks where the material or container is dense, where the lens is subject to contamination build-up, or for long range sensing in harsh environments. Standard models include dual light sources. A super high intensity model with 10 LEDs is also available to penetrate containers for content verification. Their unique high intensity, dual-LED design provides twice the useable light energy as compared to single beam sensor designs.

  • Contrast Indicator allows easy set-up for optimim perfromance and displays actual performance during operation.
  • Pulse modulated for high immunity to ambient light
  • Complementary NPN or PNP output transistors
  • 800 microseconds... beam make or beam break.

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