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Universal Mounting Options
Mounting Brackets

The Mark III and Opti-eye® have a unique assortment of mounting brackets. Reading from left to right, you can see our SEB-3, DRB-1, TA-18 and MB-18 mounting brackets.DIN Rail mounting for Smarteye® Mark III and Opti-eye® Sensors 18MM Mounting for Smarteye® Mark III, Opti-eye®, Mity-eye®, and Tiny-eye Sensors

Major Features

  • Model SEB-3 Screw mount with optional "L" shaped Stainless Steel bracket
  • Model DRB-1 Snap mount onto a DIN rail with Universal Bracket
  • Model DRB-1 Screw mount at sensing site with Universal Bracket
  • Model TA-18 Through-hole mount with new optional 18mm Threaded barrel adapter

  • NEW!!!