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Battery Pack with Charger
Rechargeable Power Supply for Photoelectric Sensors

Tri-Tronics Battery pack (model # BAT-1) was designed to supply D.C. power to Tri-Tronics' photoelectric sensors during demonstrations. This light weight portable power source will give you the convenience of demonstrating our sensors without the necessity of connecting to A/C outlets. Forget about searching for power outlets or running long extension cables to your sensing site. Make your sales presentations more convenient.... order your new BAT-1 today!

Major Features

  • Easy to use rechargeable 13.2 volt battery supply
  • High current output...capable of lasting several days between charges
  • Short circuit protected with resettable solid state fuse
  • Sensor's NPN and PNP output transistors monitored via green LED
  • Charger included (use only specified battery charger Radio Shack cat. # 23-249)

  • NEW!!!