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Gap Probe™ Optical Blocks
Optical Blocks

The new Gap Probe™ optical blocks are designed to convert any Tri-Tronics Photo-eye into a low cost slot sensor. An excellent choice for many opposed mode applications, such as detecting adhesive labels on continuous webs. Also useful for verifying envelope or container contents as well as splice detection. It can also be used as an inexpensive edge-guide sensor or a liquid level detector.


  • Registration mark sensing
  • Label Detection
  • Splice Detection
  • Envelope Contents Verification
  • Edge Guiding
  • Liquid Level Detection

    Available Options

  • Gap Probes for Smarteye® Mark II ( Gap .31" ) Model GP1: 1.5", Model GP2: 2.5", Model GP3: 3.5"
  • Gap Probes for Smarteye® Mark III, Opti-eye®, Mity-eye® or Tiny-eye® ( Gap .21" ) Model GP6: 1.5", Model GP7: 2.5", Model GP8: 3.5"

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