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Understanding Ozone Solutions

Ozone was first discovered in the late 1700s. It was scientifcally identifed as a compound in 1840. Ten years later, the frst Ozone Generator was built and by the end of the nineteenth century, ozone was in use as a drinking water treatment in the Netherlands with the first municipal ozone installation ever known. Ozone found to prevent the growth of yeast and mold during storage of fruit and in the 70’s the Ozone was first used in bottled water plants. Ozone is also FDA approved to be used for washing chicken, vegetables and meat as an antimicrobial agent.


  • Ozone is the most powerful oxidant for disinfecting water or sanitizing surfaces
  • Ozone can kill pathogens in seconds vs. several minutes for other oxidants
  • Ozone is one of the strongest oxidants available for oxidizing organics
  • Ozone decomposes into oxygen
  • Ozone, by itself, does not afect pH
  • Ozone cannot be stored, therefore, having a large volume of a dangerous oxidizer is not possible
  • Ozone is excellent at oxidizing metals such as iron, manganese, and more
  • Ozone enhances the focculation and coagulation of organic material and consequently increases efciency
  • Ozone can be efective in partially oxidizing organics in the water to biodegradable compounds that can be removed by biological fltration

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