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White Light SMARTEYE® Mark III
High Performance Sensor, Featuring Our Exclusive "Enhanced Dynamic Range"

The use of the a White LED light source enables the Smarteyes to more closely emulate how you view contrasting colors. It is recommended for detecting dark-colored objects against dark-colored backgrounds, i.e., detecting a black colored cap resting on a black conveyor belt in the proximity mode. The white LED is often times the best choice when the sensing task involves color perception, including resolving similar shades of the same color. White LED Light sources are also available in the Mark II Smarteye®.

Major Features

  • White Light Source provides unique color perception
  • Standard bracket or DIN rail mounting
  • Quick-Change "Sensing Mode" Optical blocks
  • Fast 50 microsecond output response
  • Built in connector or Cable version
  • Waterproof Housing NEMA 4. 6 AND 12, IEC IP67
  • Pulse modulated to provide immunity to ambient light
  • Enhanced Dynamic Range

  • NEW!!!