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Case VK-400
Full Case Inspection

The last possible time to recognize missing bottles in order to complete or reject a crate is between the packer and the palletizer.

If an incomplete crate is stacked on a pallet missing bottles can be recognized by the customer.

The use of the BBULL Full Crate Inspection BBULL VK-400 allows manufacturers to recognize and to sort out incomplete crates at full production speed.

BBULL VK-400 is an universal inspection device adequate for almost all current types of crates. The system is tolerant especially to vibrating or toppling bottles. The inspection can be carried out in a lengthwise or crosswise transport under the sensor bridge.

An extensive self-diagnosis of the sensors in combination with a malfunction text display guarantees high reliability and easy operation. BBULL VK-400 can be easily mounted on existing installation.

Running through side by side maximum 6 bottles can be inspected. Running free of interruption is ensured even if the range of tolerance is big or if there are difficult conditions.


  • Brewing industry
  • Mineral water industry
  • Soft drink industry
  • Milk industry
  • Juice industry
  • Wine and champagne industry
  • Tinned food industry

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