High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

Case VK-X
Full Case Inspection

Inductive inspection of the content of glass, plastic and PET for metallic parts in the content. The last possible point to detect and reject incompletely packed, broken and badly filled containers is between the packer and the palletizer.

With the new BBULL VK-X (full carton/full crate inspection) it is possible to detect faulty cartons or crates and remove them from the production process.

BBULL VK-X scans the cartons with an extremly compact X-ray tube.

This principle presents for many applications an essential advantage compared with optical systems or scales.

The X-ray method allows an inspection of open or closed cartons at very high conveyor speeds.

When a faulty carton or crate is detected it can either be removed from the production process or an acoustic or optical alarm can be activated.

The installation, operation and service of the system is simple. The adjustment of the parameters is realized for the most part by the TEACH IN mode.

Self-diagnosis and malfunction display in plain text guarantee high reliability and easy service.

Existing systems can be easily upgraded with BBULL VK-X


  • inspection of completely packed cartons or crates
  • empty carton inspection after the unpacker
  • missing bottles and cans inspection
  • inspection of broken bottles
  • rough fill level inspection of bottles and cans inside the closed cartons

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