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Image 360
4-Camera Image Processing System for All Around Inspection on the Conveyor up to 72.000 b/h

BBULL IMAGE 360 is a highly precise multi-camera system for inspection of containers not depending on rotation up to 72.000 b/h. Based on longtime experience in the field of professional digital image processing in the beverage industry BBULL provides a reliable and professional device. A huge number of different application modules allow the use in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry.

The integrated inspection bridge is equipped with 4 CCD cameras that are installed circularly in 90° steps around the inspection object. The processing and calculation is performed in a high-quality industrial pc-controller with flexible combination of different software-algorithms.

The system can be used for:

  • PET and glass bottles
  • beverage and food cans and detects the following characteristics: missing labels, faulty labels, imprints with a text height greaterthan 1 mm, tilted labels more than 0,5 mm
  • Optionally the system allows the detection of visible qualities like: fill level, incorrect applied caps
  • For the compact design of the inspection bridge, the system can be integrated in nearly every production line with little efforts.
  • The extended memory of the pcboard allows the data saving of numerous different labels / containers.

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