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Image LG
Empty Case Inspection

BBULL LG IMAGE is therefore optimally equipped for integration into sorting systems where a huge variety of crate formats (all mixed up) have to be checked. Activation of the respective sensor information is handled by the software, so the operator does not need to intervene. This reduces set-up times and secures that errors due to incorrect operation are largely avoided.

The high-performance light modules are installed above the transport system and are protected against dirt and damage.

BBULL LG-M can be installed above all established crate transport systems. It is most important that the crate transport is performed smooth by and that there are no reflections from the transport system.


  • inspection of decrating capability for linear and offset crate cells
  • bottle sorting based on: bottle height, bottle colour, cap type (swing-top bottles), neck ring
  • crate sorting based on: crate format, crate colour, crate logo, case type
  • for areas of application with a wide variety of types
  • recommended for sorting and logistic centres
  • to handle batch evaluation and calculation of deposit amounts

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