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White Light Colormark SMARTEYE® Mark II
Registration Mark Sensors

The White LED light source in our Model CMSWL Smarteye® is the best choice for detecting the widest variety of colored registration marks printed on today's packaging material. White Light enhances performance when detecting dark colored marks on dark colored backgrounds. In addition, there are Colormark sensors equipped with Red, Green or Blue LED light sources. They are useful in rare applications when the preferred White Light source fails to perform, i.e., a blue LED light source is recommended to detect pale yellow marks on a white background.

Major Features

  • White Light Source provides superior performance when detecting colored registration marks
  • Unique 10 LED Contrast Indicator
  • Waterproof Housing NEMA 4. 6 AND 12, IEC IP67
  • 4-Turn Clutch Knob Adjustment (Offset/EDR)
  • Fast 50 microsecond output response
  • Built in connectors
  • Optional pulse stretcher (guarantees a minimum of 10 milliseconds output)
  • Pulse modulated to provide immunity to ambient light
  • Operating Range (-40° F to 158° F)
  • Chemical resistant, High impact polycarbonate housing
  • Epoxy encapsulated for mechanical strength

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