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EasyDose G2 Lite
Liquid Nitrogen Injection System, up to 450 bpm @22 psi

The Easydose G2 Lite is the Liquid Nitrogen Injection System named for its simplicity of installation and operation.
The Easydose G2 Lite is the new generation of LN2 dosers designed with State-of-Art technology to work up to 450 bpm with discrete dosing and continuous stream thereafter.

The Easydose G2 Lite allows Automatic synchronization with speed variations of the production line and dose compensation to keep consistent pressure in your containers.

Easy do adapt in almost any filling process and easy to operate with a HMI that includes menu in five o-board languages, outputs, alarms and an integrated Ethernet port.

Designed to run off portable Dewars or connect directly with Vacuum Barrier’s liquid nitrogen piping systems.