High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

Separates recycle-able PET flakes from foreign, dyed, and contaminated materials in a single process step.

The high performance sorting system POWERSORT 100, developed by ”The Coca-Cola Company”, Atlanta, USA, and UNISENSOR Sensorsysteme GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany separates
• flakes made of PVC, PP, PS, PC, PEN, polyolefine, paper,
• coloured flakes,
• contaminated flakes, and
• flakes with barrier coatings from high-quality food-grade PET flakes in a single process step.
POWERSORT 100 is the first and only sorting system in the world that can be used to recognize and sort contaminants that have migrated into the plastic. POWERSORT 100 is integrated into the bottle-to-bottle recycling process and can sort up to 100,000 flakes per second, which corresponds to a throughput of approx. 2 tons of flakes per hour.

• Time-consuming and costly bottle-to-bottle recycling processes can be simplified because of POWERSORT 100’s sorting reliability, which leads to a considerable reduction in recycling cost.
• POWERSORT 100 can be used in all existing, established food-to-food recycling processes to monitor process and control quality.
• POWERSORT 100 can be deployed to solve a variety of sorting problems.
• POWERSORT 100 opens up completely new perspectives in the area of quality control for food packaging.
• POWERSORT 100 recognizes and sorts in a single process step.