High Tech Solutions for Packaging and Online Inspection Systems

Filler and Labeller Management Systems with Processing Electronics

The need for more extensive automation of bottling lines of every kind has increased as markets have opened up and become more transparent, and as costs in the packaging sector have increasingly come under pressure from higher labour and marketing costs. In addition to quality assurance, it isgetting more and more important to maintain and boost the bottling plants' productivity and effectivity.

Filling and labelling are a bottleneck area in every bottling plant and therefore an excellent point to initiate such action. The BBULL TECHNOLOGY filler and labeller management systems STRATEC FEM / FM / EM are applied to overcome this bottleneck and help to assure the quality of the bottling process, as well as to identify future process errors at an early stage so that they can be remedied before productivity declines.

BBULL TECHNOLOGY has set new standards for processing production data in the filling industry with the STRATEC PC-4000 equipment series. The production data are processed completely by one single conventional industrial PC which communicates with the measuring sensors installed on the conveyor or in the machine by a specially developed interface card.The same PC is used for different applications (filler management/ labeller management / crate inspections), thus minimizing the spare parts required by the customer. System operation is determined by the software which is uploaded via flash disk. The inspection system is operated on the TOUCH SCREEN via a Windows-oriented user interface.

The modular design of the STRATEC systems permit connections of every available technology:
  • Inspection of filling level: X-ray, gamma, high-frequency or sensor processes
  • Label inspection: Optical sensors, contrast light sensor, camera
  • Inspection of closure: Optical sensors, inductive sensors, ultrasonics, camera
  • Self-diagnosis
Operating and Processing System Specifications:
  • Processing by state-of-the-art industrial PC
  • Standardized platform for different applications
  • Possible expansion with low cost hardware components
  • TOUCH SCREEN user interface
  • Production data visualized on TFT colour monitor
  • Numerical and graphical presentation of production data
  • Windows-oriented user interface
  • Systems can be networked with all standard network technologies (e.g. PROFIBUS/CANBUS/ETHERNET ...)
  • Remote maintenance and parameterization via modem or Internet
  • Self-diagnostic functions and plain-text display
  • Choice of several languages
  • Minimum stock of spare parts
Filler Monitoring
  • Inspection of filling level to identify overfill/underfill
  • Quantified bottler analysis (with analog X-ray technology):
      Detection of actual filling level
      Monitoring of average filling level
  • Monitoring of filling valve and valve- oriented statistics
  • Filler quality inspection (sampling):
      Group rejection or defined individual rejection
  • Rejection of breakages:
      Specific rejection of broken bottles and of the endangered neighbouring bottle (configurable)
  • Service Stop:
      Two-stage filler stop at a defined repair position following total failure of a filling valve
  • Air data rejection:
       Specific rejection of bottles which have been filled and not closed following prolonged filler stoppage